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Italian Streets

The luxury of the road less traveled

Who We Are

Unica Journeys is a travel marketing and representation company that offers support, lead generation, and consulting to the finest operators and destinations around the world.

What Makes Us Different


Sustainability is not a choice. It is an imperative and the right business decision.


We are called to be inclusive. By embracing diversity, we will foster a better world.


We are unique, not just in the name Unica, and strive for authenticity.


“I had a wonderful time and learned a lot. I have a client traveling this August and this would be a perfect trip for them.”

Laura F.

“Great fam trip! As a result, I am more prepared to promote and sell your properties and  destination to my clients.”

Jodi B.

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening!  I really enjoyed the event and it brought back so many wonderful memories that I have from my trips .”

Sandra B.


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


Ask Us Anything

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