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Picturesque Walk

Our mission is to promote exclusive, unique and authentic travel experiences. We aim to work with like-minded organizations and base our operations on three pillars: sustainability, inclusivity and authenticity.

These are not  empty words in our practices:

  • We favor working with organizations that will commit to a clear path of sustainable tourism, inclusivity, and authenticity.

  • We pledge to follow all the local and international laws and regulations.


  • We track the sustainability commitment of clients and clearly and tactfully communicate to them about improvements and/or shortfalls.


  • We foster staff engagement and empowerment. Happy and engaged staff means happy customers. 

  • We try not to overpromise. Selling is understanding the needs of the person one has in front, it is never just about the sale itself. We always try to think long-term.

  • The entities we represent are in line with a set of values that are nonnegotiable, such as human rights, minority rights, child labor, women's rights, etc.

  • We will always try to maximize all the positive impacts and minimize all the negative effects for our business and clients whenever possible.

  • We vow to be inclusive, fight discrimination and not to marginalize anybody providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded.

  • We advocate to protect cultural heritage and safeguard local assets. Communities must be engaged, traditions and customs respected, visitors flow monitored and managed, guides trained, and recommendations to visitors on their behavior should be communicated clearly.

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